One Click to Convert Multiple PDFs into Single – Scan4PDF

One Click to Convert Multiple PDFs into Single – Scan4PDF

Scan4PDF: PDF Scanner & Merger

Scan4PDF is a free application that enables you to combine multiple PDF files into a single quickly. Scan4PDF allows you to either select files from your phone or promptly scan documents directly from your phone’s camera. Other files, such as images and text documents, can be combined using Scan4PDF’s app powerful features.

With the best cam scanner and PDF Merger features, Scan4PDF also provides you with the best feature, which is an Image PDF combiner, After using the PDF Merger function, you can save those merged PDFs to your smartphone using the “SAVE” option of the Scan4PDF app.

Merge multiple PDFs with Scan4PDF PDF Merger!

Scan4PDF – PDF Scanner & Merger application is an easy-to-use Android app that lets you merge multiple PDFs on your device. You can use Scan4PDF to link scanned documents, save merged PDFs on your device, and then turn those files into multipage documents if needed.

Scanning documents with Scan4PDF’s cam scanner feature will allow you to convert images into PDFs and edit them before saving them as a single file or splitting them into different pages based on page numbers.

Scan4PDF is entirely free and does not contain in-app purchases. In addition, the app has an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to merge multiple files and quickly convert them into a single PDF.

Scan4PDF also allows you to scan documents into high-quality PDFs. You can do this by using your phone camera and taking photos of documents. The app will take a picture-perfect scan without losing its quality.

When using the Scan4PDF cam scanner, you can use your phone’s camera to scan or click images from our in-app camera. After clicking a picture, we provide you the option to crop it to the precise size you need.

Scan4PDF is a good app if you are looking for an efficient way to scan documents on the go. It’s free to download and does not have any in-app purchases. While there are other more advanced options, this is a simple, straightforward scanner that gets the job done well.

Among the free cam scanner app available in the market, Scan4PDF provides sophisticated cam scanner features using the latest technologies to give you a modern and robust user experience.

Scan4PDF, the PDF Merger, can stand out in the market with its most prominent feature and easy UI, which most new applications lack.

Image to PDF Converter 

Scan4PDF is a free, straightforward mobile app that lets you save and merge your photos directly into PDF files. The best part? It’s super easy! Open the application, select multiple images, and convert them to PDF files on your Android device. 

Min 2 and Max are up to you; you can select multiple images and convert them into PDFs with just a single click.

Scan4PDF’s Image to PDF converter allows you to easily convert any image format, such as JPEG or PNG, into a single PDF document.

Suppose you have many images that need to be merged into one PDF file. There is no need to switch between different apps when you want to convert all your pictures into a single PDF. Scan4pdf is the best alternative for converting multiple images into one PDF online.

You can convert many formats into PDF

➡ JPG To PDF Converter

➡ PNG To PDF Converter

➡ JPEG To PDF Converter

Scan4PDF can effortlessly convert any image file into a PDF document using an image-to-PDF converter application. Select the “Image to PDF Converter” tool, select photos of any format, and convert them rapidly.

When you convert the image into PDF Format, You get the ideal feature in the app itself, allowing you to print that image PDF converted file right from it. In print exporting, you also receive the most excellent edit printing functionality available in the application, which allows you to print the PDF in (black and white) or original (color) form.  

Advanced Exporting Feature 

After merging PDFs and images and scanning with the most excellent cam scanner app, you must export those pdf documents to your phone or share them with your friends. Our advanced exporting feature provides excellent options for exporting those merged existing pdf files.

We have the most delicate exporting features, which are as follows: 

1) “Save as PDF,” from which you can export a PDF to your phone, and 

You can also specify the range of the pdf and how many pdfs you want to print in the print edit tool.

2) The print option is also available when converting an image to PDF format.

Scan4PDF Saved Feature

Our app Scan4PDF’s “Saved PDF” section is the best tool for those who have merged the pdf or converted the images into PDF format with the help of our Scan4PDF but don’t want to export it right away, so they can easily save their image and pdf draughts in the saved pdf section. If they want to mark them as draughts in the future, they will get one pop-up of saving their draught “YES” or “NO.” As a result, if you want to save in draught, you must pick yes or no. It is entirely up to the user.

When you select Yes, the draught is immediately saved as a PDF file, which you can easily access, export, and save to your phone in the future.

Why Use Scan4PDF?

With its simple and easy-to-use user interface experience, Scan4PDF is the most acceptable option among all the PDF Merger and cam scanner applications in the market. The best thing is that it is freely available on the Google Play store.

Scan4PDF is even free, but it has the most advanced features that most others provide in their premium segment; we offer such advanced and premium features for free, which makes Scan4PDF the most popular among users.


Scan4PDF is an excellent app for merging multiple PDFs and scanning paper documents into high-quality PDFs. It’s completely free and does not contain in-app purchases. In addition to PDF merging, Scan4PDF also allows you to scan paper documents directly from your phone’s camera.

Why wait any longer? Download this fantastic tool immediately to merge PDFs, convert images to PDF, and more.

Scan4PDF PDF Merger & Scanner