Real Estate Portal

Property search has moved online, just like everything else. And, if you, at any moment, desire to be a part of this rush of online property, you undoubtedly need a website partner that can give you the unique brand identity, as well as all necessary advanced functionality, or anything else you may wish for. In the past years we’ve been working, we have helped plenty of renowned real estate brands, as well as individual entrepreneurs, develop property websites and real estate portals.


A Robust Real Estate Portal

If you want to create a real estate portal that will truly do its job as a platform for both buyers and sellers, these are the features you’ll need, and we can provide:

  • A platform where anyone from a buyer, to a seller, or an agent, or any other service provider in the field for that matter, can create and set up their account, as well as maintain a public profile.
  • Agents, sellers and, builders can add complete details when they feature their properties.
  • Property listings can go under various categories.
  • You can feature popular real estate classifieds .
  • For advanced paid services, you have an integrated payment gateway.
  • As an entirely separate web portal, you can promote individual accounts by agents, that target more buyers.
  • A property locator, so buyers can filter results according to location, requirements and, pricing, without much hassle.
  • An admin control panel that lets you manage, as well as update the website, and moderate reviews An admin control panel that lets you manage, as well as update the website, and moderate reviews.
  • The ability to display third party advertisements
  • Ratings and reviews of both agents and sellers from established connections .

Besides having a team that can undoubtedly get the job done, we can also boast with our pricing. It is one of the things that has held us at the top of the list as far as real estate portal development companies go. We believe that everyone should get value for their money, and every quote will reflect that. Contact us, and let’s begin developing your portal.