10 Great Tips To Develop Mobile Apps For Small Business

Mobile apps

The world people use their smartphones, iPhones, or tablets to find local businesses. A recent study found that small businesses save more than 800 million hours per year using mobile apps.  Companies are frequently using mobile apps to communicate with their clients and promote their products and services. A mobile app that is well designed […]

Check Out These Security Risks that Node.js Developers Cannot Ignore

Node .JS

Node.js has become a highly recommended backend server for web apps. Node.js allows you to create new modules Which makes it easier to secure backdoors. While Node.js’ core is secure, third-party packages might require new security measures to protect your web applications. Security issues with Node.js Technology? Open-source features in open-source apps can solve licensing […]

7 Latest UX/UI Design for App Development Trends That You Should Know in 2021

UI/UX Design

The Latest UX/UI mobile app design trends come every year. Just as everything Throughout the world has developed over time, UI/UX trends have likewise changed with time. so, the designers should have to stay updated with such trends to design always to offer new ideas to their clients. This blog on the UI/UX trends that […]

React Native Framework Reduces Development Time & Cost in 2021

React Native Development

Reusable code and components are the most important.  This framework enables developers to write code once and share that code among iOS and Android platforms without any technical flaws or bugs.  React Native allows developers to develop cross-platform apps that look and feel fully Native as it uses JavaScript components. It Performs handling the codebase […]

Best Cross-Platform Tools for App Development

Cross-Platform Tools for App Development

Hey, Are you looking for the Best Cross-platform App development Tools? Then here is the listing of top Cross-platform tools for App Development in 2021. Whether you’re an expert or quite beginning, 6 cross-platform app development tools will get your job easier & lower development expenses! Cross-platform is a framework for which a mobile app can […]

Flutter vs. React Native – which is the best choice for 2021?

Flutter vs React Native

There are various options for app development. For example, you can use the framework of React Native but also of Flutter. In this blog, we compare React Native vs. Flutter and explain why we choose React Native for App Development Company. React Native was acquired by Facebook and has to continue open-source available since 2015. […]

8 Marvelous Tools to Develop Awesome Cross Platform Apps

omtec web, cross platform

There are many tools available as below to help you with Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services. Let’s look at them one by one. Xamarin Xamarin is one of the popular and widely used cross-platform development tool that allows you to develop native android, iOS and Windows app also you can do performance testing and […]

Android Application Development Quick Tips For Android Developers

OmTec Web

More than 80% of people now insist on mobile applications for their daily needs to business needs. Android applications are not just become a number but the king of the digital era which is pretty much everywhere around us starting from our wrist to car and everywhere you go. You will have a successful app […]